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The Language Support Program (LSP) at Fountain Gate PS works with students, class teachers and support personnel to enhance oral language development across the school from Grades Prep - 6. The philosophy behind the program is that oral language ability underpins all subsequent academic and social achievement and is therefore an essential prerequisite to future learning. Fountain Gate PS has made a commitment to improving the oral language development of its students by employing a language support coordinator for two days per week. The program runs small group and whole class activities across the school with particular emphasis on early intervention at the Prep – 2 level. In 2010, the Prep Talk program has been a major initiative with all Prep students participating in a twice weekly oral language program throughout the year. All the Prep students have their oral language abilities screened at the beginning and end of the prep year to give the school data regarding the strengths and weaknesses of our students and areas which need more work. Small group programs are also running across the other grades, targeting phonological awareness, story telling/writing and transition to secondary school The LSP coordinator also provides professional development and consultation at an individual and whole staff level.

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